Chavez, Columbia, and the U.S. press

A BBC News article: Chavez wants the U.S. to turn over Posada Carriles so he can be put on trial in Venezuela. Chavez described him as a "self-confessed terrorist" and he accused the U.S. of harboring a terrorist. "It is difficult, very difficult, to maintain ties with a government that so shamelessly hides and protects international terrorism," Chavez said. Tensions seem to be on the rise between the two countries. How far will all of this go?
There also is an arms race of sorts going on between Columbia and Venezuela. Columbia is trying to buy arms from China, Venezuela is buying arms from Russia and Spain. Could this be the buildup to a war between the two countries?
Here is an IPS article describing the state of the press in the U.S. These are definitely shady times in the States, but I wonder if it's really any different than in the past.
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