A few things for May 3...

The plight of the indigenous peoples around the world is often overlooked by the mainstream media. A BBC article shows why efforts to aid the Indians can not be simple cut and dry solutions. In this case, the Brazilian Indians were granted a huge piece of land with the promised expulsion of non-Indians. Well, many of those non-Indians provide work and a means of survival to the Indians, although typically in an exploitative fashion. What are the answers here?

Some high-school students in Colorado caught some Army recruiters using questionable tactics to get new recruits. I don't understand why the use of kids by the military is not an issue in and of itself. Plus recruitment problems point to the probability that people are questioning actions by those military institutions having trouble filling the ranks.

The New York Times reports that the Chilean elected to head the OAS may not pose a big threat to U.S. interests afterall. The report ends with a quote by Insulza implying some anti-Venezuelan sentiment.
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