Matters of the State...

With the nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice by the Great George W. Bush up for debate by the Congress, along with so many other world events, I have the State on the mind. This justice will be on the court for life which will end up being 20 to 30 years - minimum. The legacy of the conservative Republicans will live far longer than this administration. Especially considering that Bush will probably appoint not only 1, but 2 justices before his term is up. But I wonder how much would actually be any different in other circumstances. The war in Iraq will go on. It did not start with Bush, and it won’t end there either. The violence of the State seems to be a natural part of the organism, just like violence is a natural part of the natural world. There is something troubling about violence perpetrated by humans onto other humans on a mass scale. I suppose I would be called a humanist for thinking that we should have limits to this type of violence. Could it be that the leaders of the world perpetrate this violence as a kind of sacrifice? A sacrifice to their gods, or God? Theirs is a mysterious world of religion and ritual shrouded in secrecy. There has always been talk of secret societies of the elite, and who knows, really, if they are true - even partially. For the world of the elites is so detached from that of the everyday citizen. The public face is but a small part of the world of the elite. We don’t even know how many there really are. We do know that in many countries of Latin America, an astonishingly low number of families own a ridiculous amount of the land, and thus have an enormously lopsided influence on the power scheme in those countries. Why would that be any different around the rest of the world - even in the great ‘democracy’ of the United States?

And so I am coming to the conclusion that no matter how much we theorize and argue about politics in the modern world, no matter what happens, the elite will have some version of their desires as the rule of the land. A depressing thought perhaps, but I think probably the reality we live in.

Power to the People!

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