Oil, Oil, Oil...

My recent move to Florida found my partner and I driving down Interstate 95 all the way from the North East U.S.. Along the way we had to fill up every 350 miles or so, plus our little Saturn went through about 2 quarts of oil in its efforts to move its overloaded chassis. Needless to say oil was on my mind, and now that we have reached our destination I desperately want to lessen our dependence on the substance that is stirring up such controversy around the globe. I'm looking for an electric scooter for getting around town, and thinking about getting a diesel car to start running biodiesel. In the spirit of this anti-oil posting, check out this link that talks about boycotting Exxon/Mobile because of its actions in Alaska.
Oil is even causing an uproar in the remote forests of Ecuador, where Indians have traveled to the capital city of Quito to join others in protesting oil company expansion into some of the last protected forest in the country.
Add to these the wars in the Middle East which are so blatantly over control of oil reserves, it is very apparent that we must convince our leaders to look for alternatives to this gooey, grimy, oily black death.
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