This is Yellowman!
So, here is something a little bit different: Earlier tonight I saw one of the all-time reggae greats - Yellowman! - and it was a free show! I first saw him in Trenton, New Jersey at City Gardens in 1989 with the ska band, Bigger Thomas. Back then he had long crazy, yellow dreads, an appearance ravaged by cancer, and, of course, yellow skin. His son was even in the audience - and was also an albino. Jamaican born, Yellowman began his life as a social outcast raised in an orphanage and constantly abused because of his albino skin. He rose to fame on tales of his sexual prowess and his catchy style which is considered the beginning of dancehall reggae. He is considered reggae's first dancehall superstar. Sixteen years after I saw him for the first time, the man has gone through another bought with cancer, and lost his dreads, but his energy was incredible, and the show was great. How amazing to be able to see a legend perform for a packed house in a small venue. Long live King Yellowman!
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