A Zapatista President?

After another public statement that made the AP wire, it appears that Subcomante Marcos may be gearing up to either run for president or offer a candidate based in the rebel movement. He continued his criticism against the political system of Mexico, including the leftist Mexico City mayor, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is leading most of the early polls for next years elections. Marcos said the Zapatistas were to begin a country-wide tour in an effort to garner support and help to determine the direction of the group. Of course, those in the political system are discounting the efforts of Marcos and the Zapatistas insisting that they are simple a rebel group, and not politicians. However, Marcos is an educated man (he has been identified as a former college professor) and obviously has the charisma to gain the support of the people, as shown by the size and success of the Zapatista movement. The political landscape in Mexico is starting to get interesting, although I wonder if this will divide the left, and leave the conservatives in power yet again.
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