Zapatistas Speak Out

In a small piece that has been making many of the news services, the leader of the Zapatistas came out of hiding for the first time in 4 years. Donning his trademark black mask, Subcomante Marcos denounced all of Mexico's political parties, claiming, "They'll pay for everything they have done to us. They're a bunch of scoundrels." He included the leftist mayor of Mexico City, Lopez Obrador - the reported front runner for the presidential elections next year, in his diatribe. Marcos, identified as a former university professor announced plans for a Zapatista campaign to oppose the traditional political parties of Mexico.
Mexico appears to be in for some changes in 2006, as a leftist is the front runner for the presidency, and now the Zapatistas, who have a good amount of support from the indigenous population, are entering the race. However, one possible scenario has the Zapatista party, if it runs a candidate, taking support away from Lopez Obrador, and leaving the traditional, conservative parties in power.
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