Is Subcomandante Marcos the next Gandhi?

An article from narconews by Al Giordano covering the upcoming tour of Mexico by Marcos compares his motives and actions to Gandhi returning to India back in the early 1900's.

"Like Gandhi in his loin cloth, Marcos and the Zapatistas who in September 2006 will follow him and fan out across the land have already pronounced that they will refuse gifts (even symbolic ones) of any kind during this upcoming marathon tour, they will not open any bank accounts, they will not be riding first-class… their vanguard, or scout, the masked Marcos, will, in a sense, live off the land… that is to say, strictly and only on the support of the simple and humble people who struggle."

The planned tour of the country will run from January 9th (2006) to June 25th, and will hit each of the Mexican states along with Mexico City. It just so happens that July 2nd is the date of the presidential elections. Could this be seen as a campaign tour?

After Marcos returns to Chiapas, unfortunately probably not as the president of the country, a second wave of Zapatistas will leave the southern state to join forces with other like minded people around the country.

"In other words, indigenous Maya – primarily of the Tzotzil, Tzeltal, Tojolabal and Chol ethnic groups – with 22 years of experience as Zapatistas and a heritage of 514 years of experience resisting impositions from above and outside will go to the places and people throughout Mexico that their vanguard, or scout, Marcos recommends. Some of them will be going to live, work and organize for six month tours of duty, implanting themselves in communities, in the homes of real people, near workplaces, factories, farms, organizations and collectives, where thousands upon thousands of other Mexicans will be able to observe and collaborate, up close, with Zapatista organizing techniques and other ways of being."

The next year or so in Mexico should get very interesting. With the leftist, Lopez Obrador in the running for president, and now Marcos and the Zapatistas making a concerted effort to reach out to the rest of the country, changes may very well be afoot.
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