A Call for Indigenous Rights!

Indigenous peoples in the Americas, and around the world for that matter, continue to suffer the affects of colonialism, globalization, and capitalism that have consumed the globe at alarming rates. Their voices continue to be hushed in the international community, and their needs are left unmet. Indigenous groups from throughout the region have gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina in an attempt to document the current state of the indigenous in the Americas. The BBC reports:
"Representatives at the summit, including the powerful National Indian Confederation of Ecuador, are discussing ways of opening spaces for their participation, fighting discrimination and tackling poverty."
In the Americas, land issues are among the hottest topics.

"Their land has been taken away and they can't manage their resources," said the head of the Organisation of Indigenous Peoples in Argentina, Victor Capitan. "All this has driven indigenous people further into poverty."

They are expected to prepare a final document on the situation of the indigenous peoples in the continent, which will be circulated during the Summit of the Americas, to be held in Argentina at the beginning of November.

Keep checking back for more on indigenous movements in the Latin American region. Watch for current news along with more background info that may shed some light on what is happening in the region and why.

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