Free Trade? NO WAY!!!

OK... Here's why the shaman may be more of a visible figure to the world bank. The AP released this article by Michael Casey explaining how free trade policies are hurting small farmers in 'developing' countries. Casey refers to a report on free trade by the group Friends of the Earth which states what just begins to tell a larger story:
"Free trade policies tend to benefit large, export-driven producers, drive down prices and hurt smaller producers. Small-scale farmers are particularly vulnerable to market opening pressures and often forced from their land when it is converted to plantations or planted with crops for export"

In Latin America, and other parts of the world, where multiple free trade programs are on the table, the small-scale farmers are typically indigenous peoples. These policies can be seen as continuing the legacy of racism and exploitation of the indigenous that began over 500 years ago in the Americas - a legacy being relived in the name of 'development.'
Finally, as comments in the previous post suggested, the shaman is perhaps one of the more visible and vocal figures within many indigenous communities. He has traditionally played a leadership role, and in the continuing crises of the current day, this role desperately needs to be maintained.
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