Is Peru Next?!?

A BBC article announced the emergence of a left-leaning former military man in the bid for the presidential election in 2006 in Peru. Is this neo-socialist movement going to completely take over South America? Latin America? America?
That would be something. For some reason the ties to the military sound eerily haunting of some past regimes in the region. According to the article,
"The former army lieutenant colonel has said he will introduce what he describes as a more participatory form of democracy and will limit investment in Peru by companies from Chile.
He has called for tighter central control over Peru's energy assets and has pledged to cut the presidential salary."
Ollanta Humala is described as similar in philosophy to Chavez in Venezuela. These stories seem to developing all over America. The big question is whether or not this will continue to develop in a peaceful way.
What ever it is that is really going on, I present this post as number 100, from a place that I hold dear in my heart - beautiful Peru.
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  1. As the pendulum swings wildly to the right in this country, let's hope that the changes in South America will have some type of gravitational pull --
    Here's to hope in the New Year!!

  2. It use to be called the domino theory, and of course this meant communism, but they made it scare the hell out of people. I only hope in the US they don't use a similar tactic again. I think that people are ready for a change or at least an alternative

  3. Anonymous5:24 PM

    yes, the affects of the domino theory are alive and well, i'm afraid - at my local bookstore today, an older man warned me of the dangers of visiting bolivia because of the new president. "a communist worse than castro," he said. !!!!


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