Unbelievable: Indians Killed in Brazil

I just can not believe that I live in this world. In Brazil, what Survival International called an uncontacted tribe, was apparently wiped out - killed - murdered - disappeared. People are just unbelievably short sighted, ignorant, and self involved - but that's just my diatribe. The vastness of the Amazon continues to surprise me, as there are not many uncontacted peoples remaining on the planet. These people undoubtedly harbor extensive knowledge of their environment, including possibly thousands of medicinal plants and plant combinations. Is it possible that along with the people that were killed, a novel treatment for AIDS or cancer was destroyed as well? Read the short article from Survival International. At least it appears that there will be some repercussions for this unconscionable act - 29 Brazilians have been detained on charges that they participated in a genocide. I couldn't agree more with Survival's director Stephen Corry, who said,
‘It's shocking that in the twenty-first century, with so many of Brazil's tribes gone forever, those remaining are still in danger of genocide. Brazil must take immediate action to recognise and protect the land of the Rio Pardo Indians, before it is too late.'
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