Chile Adds a Voice for the Left!

Times are a changin' down in South America. It looks like Chile is the next in line to elect a left-leaning/socialist president, and to top that off, it's a woman! Oh how far the U.S. truly has to go. Michelle Bachelet is set to become Chile's first female president. An AP article calls her a "socialist doctor, and former political prisoner" from the days of Pinochet. She beat out a billionaire businessman who was hoping his ties to the right-wing would carry him to victory. It looks like those days might be over in South America.
Also check out this NYTimes article that gives a little background on Bachelet and how she came to be president.
Check back here at recycledminds for more on what plans Bachelet may have for the skinny coastal country of Chile.
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  1. Appearing both real and honest, Bachelet seems amazing. Her background provides a voice that Chili needs and it seems that the seems that the people are her concern. Check for a great article on her.

  2. Anonymous10:28 PM

    It seems hard to comprehend - coming from a US point of view - that a head of state could actually have the interest of the people at heart. Could this be the case in Chile - or is there more to the story that is not being told? What are her motives? What is her agenda?
    While on one hand, I truly hope that Bachelet is what she appears to be, on the other, I question that appearance - especially here in the US.

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    i think that our world view is probably so skewed in the u.s. that we don't even have the ability to comprehend a well-intentioned leader. and perhaps she's not, who knows. but she's not aligning with the u.s. - nor with chavez or morales. perhaps a new form of governing is on the horizon - one based on different foundations...


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