A Nation of Indians?

Indians in Brazil and 4 other nations joined together in a call for an independent nation of indigenous peoples. In an AP article posted a few days ago, the Indians reportedly called for a "resurrection" of the Indian nation. According to the article:

Thousands of Indians belonging to what they call the "Guarani nation" walked three hours from Sao Gabriel do Sul, 900 miles south of Rio de Janeiro, to the site where chief Sepe Tiaraju was killed in 1756 at the hands of Portuguese and Spanish soldiers.

The marchers carried signs saying "Our forefathers illuminate our path for the recuperation of the Guarani land" and "Memory and resistance." The Guarani were the dominant people in southern Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and northern Argentina before the Europeans arrived
Today, despite the promise of land from most national governments, indigenous people throughout the Americas continue to lose their lands to the pressures of development and natural resource extraction. Perhaps the only way to stop this is to grant indigenous peoples their own sovereign nations in the varying regions of South and Central America. This would be the least modern nations could do for the original inhabitants of these lands.
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