The Wonders of Technology

Despite the negative aspects of the western, capitalist, technology driven culture that is slowly taking over the world, one can't deny the positive benefits that often result. A BBC article describes the use of podcasts in rural Peru to give tips to farmers. According to the article:
UK charity Practical Action has married old and new technology to podcast twice-monthly updates to eight information centres in the Cajamarca region.
These telecentres, many of which are run on solar power, automatically download the programmes onto CDs to rebroadcast them on local radio stations.
The charity has found it effective to distribute audio material to local people, who prefer listening in their own dialect to being sent the written word.

Farmers are getting tips on topics ranging from cattle husbandry to growing grapes, and apparently the local interest in the technology is high. Locals are now being trained on how to create their own podcasts, which could lead to innumerable topics for broadcast.

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