Well... it's been a few weeks since anything has been posted here. I've been especially busy lately, and recycled minds was put on the back burner for a while.
But I'm interested in this whole civil war and rebel business. The U.S. is still in Iraq, and the word on the street has been that it's civil war there. The so-called terrorists are really just rebels, struggling for a voice, a new way, their way, independence... who really knows what people want in Iraq? We certainly don't know in the U.S....
But this is getting away from my point. Rebels are also active in India and we all know what's going on in Colombia. That country has been at war with itself for decades. Mexico has the Zapatista movement, which has threatened to get violent, but seems to be on a different, yet effective path. Numerous conflicts in Africa can be characterized as between rebels and the powerful - or those in power.
Really, my point is this: has this spirit died in the U.S.? We may protest (meekly I might add), and make attempts at organizing around a new political party (the Greens, or even the new(ish) face of the Democrats), but the idea of rebellion is unheard of. Meanwhile, one of the most openly corrupt administrations has hijacked most of the branches of the government, basically changing the face of politics and policy of the whole country for years to come.
The citizens sit by and watch.
Could there be a rebel movement in the U.S.? A movement that strives for equality and justice; to spread the wealth of the richest country on the planet; to make life better for everyone, everywhere; to treat people like fellow humans and not like enemies or consumers.
Where is this movement?
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