Continuing the Tradition in Colombia

A recent article by Peter Gorman posted on WWIV Report exposes the developments occurring in Colombia as being scarily similar to the abusive authoritarian regimes of the Latin America of the past. A combination of events over the last year or so spells danger for peasants, indigenous, and other marginalized groups in the country - including the so-called 'members' of FARC - all for the benefit of American corporate interests. Gorman offers the events:
1) the discovery of oil in the region controlled by FARC
2) the decision by Colombian Congress to allow Uribe to run for yet another term as president
3) the approval of the Free Trade agreement with the US
4) the indictment - in the US - of 50 members of FARC as being major players in the cocaine trade (claiming they are responsible for up to 50% of the world cocaine trade)
5) the appointment of Gen. Montoya - trainee and instructor at the infamous School of the Americas - to head the Colombian military.
To quickly sum how these events are related... Oil is discovered in FARC territory - apparently large fields of it. Uribe pushes for permission to run again (and receiving it), combined with the likelihood that he will win again, assures that he will be around to make sure things go as planned. Uribe then pushes through Free Trade agreement granting US companies rights to said oil (in essence at least). Now they need to get rid of the FARC and anyone else who might be on the land on top of the oil. So, they step up fumigation efforts in the name of the War on Drugs, clearing massive swaths of jungle and displacing those who live there. The US indicts what amounts to basically the entire FARC leadership as drug runners, and Uribe appoints one of the most evil, inhumane military leaders in its history to hunt them down. While other countries throughout Latin America have moved beyond this kind of authoritarian leadership and abuse of human rights, Colombia appears to be stuck in the past, trying to live out the glory of the corrupt, law breaking, inhumane leaders from decades ago.
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