drugs, drugs, drugs...

A nice article by Tony Newman on Alternet concisely explains the multiple problems with the U.S. War on Drugs. There are also a bunch of interesting comments following the piece. Here are his 10 points (11 actually) which he further explains in the article:
1. Drugs are everywhere.
2. Different people have different relationships with different drugs.
3. People use drugs for joy and for pain.
4. Drug abuse does not discriminate, but our drug policies do.
5. Relapse happens.
6. Smoking five cigarettes is better than smoking 20. Using marijuana is better than using heroin.
7. Drug abuse is bad, but the drug war is worse.
8. Prohibition doesn't work. Prohibition is responsible for most of the violence associated with drugs.
9. Drugs and the drug war touch most families.
10. We have to learn how to live with drugs, because they aren't going anywhere.
*Bonus point: The public is ahead of the politicians.