...thoughts from the past

Of relevance to the new direction being sought here is this short passage from dwight macdonald. macdonald was an american anti-marxist thinker, contemporary of trotsky active in the 30s until his death in 1982.
the revolutionary alternative to the status quo today is ... some kind of anarchist decentralization that will break up mass society into small communities where individuals can live together as variegated human beings instead of as impersonal units in the mass sum.
this is just one of many examples of how thought can transcend time. an example of thought as a starting point. for growth.

the NIWP

What is the New Intellectualist Workers Party?
For now it is a small group of people - thinkers, workers, players, and the like - who seek to influence change in the world for the better - to the benefit of all.
With the less than satisfactory ideology of communism drawing what appear to be its last breaths around the globe, capitalism is beginning to face its own problems as well. With a lack of a true 'enemy' or competitor, the capitalist doctrine has been used to ruthlessly and selfishly enrich the few while offering only deteriorating conditions to the masses. While a dramatic change does not appear to be in the immediate future, we believe that there must be dialog - and this is occurring in many circles in many parts of the world. We only seek to contribute to this dialog - in hopes of enabling a better life for all on this tiny planet earth.

A Little Diddy (About Jack and Diane)

The land of opportunity, the melting pot that sits waiting to be filled – America’s marketing pitch. America is the land of the new. Seeking new frontiers, entrepreneurial industriousness, inventions. There’s something of the fighting spirit in newness, always up for a challenge, never backing down. And the proverbial underdog that pants on the floor (in front of the stove, just to keep my metaphor going), overcoming the obstacles we all know he will.
Maybe the flame got too high. Maybe we left the stove on as we rushed out the door to begin our day already stamped with banality. When things get overcooked, they get tough, sticky, mired in their own juices, and even a little pathetic. They lose their flavor, and jilted intentions fall victim to condiments. Bar-b-que sauce, ketchup, soysauce, A-1...smoothed and smothered over the inedibles. The caserole is passed off as dinner, but its hesitant onlookers know something’s amiss. But we eat it anyway, in the spirit of trying something new, knowing all the while that what we’ve been served is a poor imitation of what we deserve.