National Nothing To Do Day

From Creative Outbursts (a PA e-zine):

In case you were not aware, this Monday, December 25th is National Nothing To Do Day. Banks, schools, and government buildings will be closed in observance of this wonderful day. In fact, most everywhere will be closed, save for a few lame stores that maybe should be closed instead. Chinese restaurants do not observe the holiday either. The Department of Homeland Scrutiny will be keeping its eye on them.
Ordinarily, I'd waltz downtowne to the local coffeeplace to waste time and harass lame baristas on my off-day. Monday, however, will call for a change of plans, a la the Nothing To Do tradition. An alternative set of plans... involving eggs, karo syrup, and an oven timer. There is only so much time and so many nativity scenes to vandalize.
Of course I kid. Vandalizing nativity scenes means Something To Do, not keeping in the holiday spirit at all. And now if you'll excuse me, I have nothing in the oven and all weekend not to share it.

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  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Does drinking count as doing something? What else to do this time of year but eat, drink, and be merry? Besides that, nothing sounds just fine. Anything to save a piece of the pie from going to the bonus checks of corporate CEOs.

  2. Anonymous7:42 PM

    There is some justification for celebrating this time of year. Stop buying into all the various packaging.

  3. Anonymous2:30 AM

    is there justification if you are removed from what you are justifying?

  4. Anonymous1:56 PM

    After years of "doing" on this national day of craziness, I too have opted for "not doing". However, I would like to "not do" with others who share this "not do" mentality. Of course, as the aforementioned writer pointed out, eating and drinking might throw us into the "doing" category. You just can "not drink" on "not do day" for you see, two negatives = positive - or "do day". This is getting too deep. Pour me a drink, if you don't mind doing it that is.


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