Screwing the Homeless!!!

Sunny St Petersburg is a winter haven for folks from all walks of life and from all over the country. A stroll around town reveals that the wealthy are starting to take over, as multi-million dollar condo projects are replacing the old quaint neighborhoods that make up the downtown area. Where there is wealth, there is usually poverty, and this certainly holds true in St Petersburg, as this winter has brought a sharp increase of homeless to the small city. This is of course causing all sorts of controversy around town, as the wealthy and the business owners want the homeless out, and the homeless have nowhere to go. Lucky for the wealthy and business owners, they have the police on their side. As quickly as support groups can provide aid, the police are there to break it up. In the latest developments of this story, the police have evicted homeless from tents that have been recently provided by local supporters. During the eviction, the police simply pulled up to the tents and began slicing them open, whether or not they were occupied. Read more about the story in this St Petersburg Times article, and check out some footage on youtube captured by a local peace activist. And most important of all, remember that the homeless are criminals too...


If you are curious about what race is and is not, or if you are just interested in the topic, check out this new website put out by the American Anthropological Association:


In hopes that change in this world is possible, a good friend (along with others) has begun a new online community named People with good, positive intentions do exist in this world - in this country. Here's a slight blurb from one of the founders:
Why is about coming together, realizing that you aren't alone, sharing what you're doing to live in a more green and conscious manner, learning from others how to take it even further, and spreading that knowledge to even more people so that this new way of living can grow even faster. It's about connecting and growing together!

We at Dianovo believe that it isn't too late. The Earth has an amazing capacity for restoring balance, we humans innately want a better way of life, and we're an extremely intelligent and adaptable race of beings when we choose to be.

We believe that there is still time, if we each make changes in our lives now!

So... explore the site, talk to others who are looking to make a difference, and keep the faith... maybe we can work our way out of this mess that we have created!

Signs of Trouble in Alaska...

In this time of wars, famines, disasters, inequalities, and other massive breakdowns of modern society, it can be difficult to make sense of the world and what is actually going on. In this vein, I came across a BBC article by Patricia Cochran, director of the Alaska Native Science Commission, that describes the challenges being faced on the front-lines of the war with global warming. Cochran speaks to the human and environmental challenges that have resulted from the increasing ferocity of coastal storms, with increased wave size, the fast eroding banks along Alaskan rivers, and other inter-related environmental changes that have apparently been accelerated due to global warming. Not surprisingly, these changes and challenges are being faced by communities that are largely comprised of indigenous peoples who once again are left to their own devices in attempts to survive their forced marginality. However, this is seen as a means for hope:

Alaska Native Elders say we must prepare to adapt. This is a simple instruction but it is not so easy to understand what it really means.
Adapting means more than adjusting hunting technologies and what kind of food we eat. It means re-learning how to garner information from a rapidly changing environment. Even science is recognising the value of ancestral knowledge passed on to later generations of natives.
There is a reason native people have been able to survive for centuries in the harshest of conditions, in the strangest of times; it is because of our resilience and our adaptability. And it is that strength from within that our communities now have to rely upon as we face an uncertain future.

It will be fitting and appropriate, as the world continues to deteriorate in so many ways, that the best chance for the survival of humanity lies with the knowledge systems of the planets traditional and indigenous peoples.