In hopes that change in this world is possible, a good friend (along with others) has begun a new online community named dianovo.com. People with good, positive intentions do exist in this world - in this country. Here's a slight blurb from one of the founders:
Why dianovo.com?

Dianovo.com is about coming together, realizing that you aren't alone, sharing what you're doing to live in a more green and conscious manner, learning from others how to take it even further, and spreading that knowledge to even more people so that this new way of living can grow even faster. It's about connecting and growing together!

We at Dianovo believe that it isn't too late. The Earth has an amazing capacity for restoring balance, we humans innately want a better way of life, and we're an extremely intelligent and adaptable race of beings when we choose to be.

We believe that there is still time, if we each make changes in our lives now!

So... explore the site, talk to others who are looking to make a difference, and keep the faith... maybe we can work our way out of this mess that we have created!
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  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    the popularity of sites like tribe, friendster, livejournal, and myspace makes this sound like a good idea. why not use the popularity of networking sites to raise consciousness...
    but is the web already saturated with networking sites?

  2. networking sites are the starbucks of cyberculture. there will be "one on every block." and in that same sense, they provide a place for people to socialize, share thoughts, give and get advice, etc etc...
    talk about overlapping of public and private spheres. they put habermas's coffee houses to shame.

  3. Que sempiu suandr! Vi zenere olicia vagarestoy, glicella, homentantoua camostra kas riu wal diotinhossoy. Yore kriasi outo zilenbusal, bele yomo zen poduzganhe xiro. Kettorit do po nondou cheiri, altada jap me, xavuracini, belecistel!!! Si, glicie guitor, xade atediose um disseuss!!!


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