Screwing the Homeless!!!

Sunny St Petersburg is a winter haven for folks from all walks of life and from all over the country. A stroll around town reveals that the wealthy are starting to take over, as multi-million dollar condo projects are replacing the old quaint neighborhoods that make up the downtown area. Where there is wealth, there is usually poverty, and this certainly holds true in St Petersburg, as this winter has brought a sharp increase of homeless to the small city. This is of course causing all sorts of controversy around town, as the wealthy and the business owners want the homeless out, and the homeless have nowhere to go. Lucky for the wealthy and business owners, they have the police on their side. As quickly as support groups can provide aid, the police are there to break it up. In the latest developments of this story, the police have evicted homeless from tents that have been recently provided by local supporters. During the eviction, the police simply pulled up to the tents and began slicing them open, whether or not they were occupied. Read more about the story in this St Petersburg Times article, and check out some footage on youtube captured by a local peace activist. And most important of all, remember that the homeless are criminals too...
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  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    In the US, the majority of people don't want to know about the homeless, they don't want to think about them, and they certainly don't want to have to do anything about them. So these maneuvers by the police dept and the city gov't come as no surprise really. It's just another symptom of the sickness that is consumerist/capitalist society.

  2. Well... they apparently have not give up with this either. With the further support of some local activists, more tents were provided and put up keeping the city 'code violations' in mind, and so far there have been no more tent-cuttings...
    fight the powers that be.

  3. Anonymous8:58 AM

    what's better - letting people who want to disassociate themselves from society do so, or categorizing them as mentally ill and try to force them to reintegrate?


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