WalMart the Good???

Being one of the least likely to throw support in the direction of WalMart, I offer that this should fall short of that. The link below from the Wall Street Journal describes the success that the big-box retailer is finding in developing nations - specifically Mexico. What is the driving force behind this success? The "chain-master" is able to bring prices down to a level where even the poor can afford to shop there. This is huge in developing countries, where there is often an upper class, a lower class, and very little in between. Add to this their employment policies. Apparently anyone can get a job in the store down in Mexico, and in-company mobility is accessible to all. A management job in 'WalMex' puts one directly into the middle class. This is all quite confusing actually. How do we approach a corporation that uses exploitation as a means of profit generation, but then turns around and makes the products accessible to the lower-income populations. To be fair, they continue to put the 'mom and pops' out of business, and people are beginning to shop the chain instead of the traditional outdoor markets. Is this just an inevitable development in this age of globalization?
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