Happy Earth Day!!!

Take care of this planet while we still have time left to spend on her. Take this day, take anyday, and do something kind. Make change. Be positive. Show some love...


Ousting the Wolf...

Sick of Paul Wolfowitz?
So is the rest of the world. The folks at AVAAZ.org have created this video based on the show, 'the Office', accompanied by a petition for the firing of this corrupted individual.
Let's keep the changes rolling.

now now...

will i fall?
can i make it through
who is there
around me?
who is there
that will
come on down...
i want to
have hope.
i want to
know that
things will be...
i suppose
there it is.

Refugee Crisis

I was just forwarded this great article from Salon.com concerning the African refugee crisis. This article uses an event in Egypt when 5000 Egyptian riot police stormed a protest being held by Sudanese refugees trying to get official 'refugee status' from the UN. If you are unfamiliar with what is going on, read the article, and consider this: the situation has only become worse.
Here is the 'must-read' article by David Morse: Murder from Darfur to Cairo