Happy Earth Day!!!

Take care of this planet while we still have time left to spend on her. Take this day, take anyday, and do something kind. Make change. Be positive. Show some love...


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  1. i would like to give thanks for this planet, this opportunity, this life, and all that may be what we see as reality in this unreal world....

  2. Anonymous10:50 PM

    i would like to give thanks for the birds that live in my backyard. "angry henry," who sqwawks from his perch, defending his place; the doves, who have their morning chat in the alcove by the door; the one i haven't named because his (or her?) call changes with every breath; the cardinal, whom I haven't seen in a month, but who was the first bit of color against a nondescript background; the blue jay, who camped out by the trash cans; the sparrows, who watched the blossoms on the tree outside my window bloom one by one. thanks.


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