What could be behind Facebook?

It seems like just about everyone has a myspace or facebook page these days. And why not? These sites provide users with fun and convenient ways to stay in contact with friends from around the world. Sharing pictures, quotes, favorites, stories, and more, users of these sites end up providing a good deal of personal information to the public and the site in question - whether it's myspace, facebook, tribe, friendster, or one of the countless others out there. The question arises then, is there something to be worried about? Well... check out the link below to a short video-doc that traces the origins of facebook to a not-so user-friendly ideal. It may have you thinking twice about posting your pics from the 'cinco de mayo' party the other night.

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  1. so another question might be: does silence protect you?

  2. Anonymous7:04 PM

    why be silent? a voice is the best means to protest available to the masses.


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