there is nothing here really

a small town

but stuff is coming together i guess

i'm going out to a village on thursday

to start trying to introduce myself to the communities

i need three - and this will be the first one - i hope

i don't know about the maya though

are you enjoying yourself so far?

umm... it's ok - people are really nice

but i've been a bit bored and lonely

so...does there seem like there might be people to get to know?

well... i don't know... there are a lot of people doing work here from the states

well - not a lot

but some

and the locals are really nice

i don't know

i mean.. i've talked to a whole bunch of people.

i'm kind of thinking of just doing my own thing to a certain extent

but we'll see i guess.

besides that

i don't know

it's different down here

everyone speaks creole

which i'm starting to understand a little already

i don't know what anyone is saying when they're talking amongst themselves

but they all speak english too

but - i've been hearing it so much and i'm realizing that i understand it a little

some times more than others

and the people are from all over too. it's heavily african and mayan

but there's chinese

and east indian

which i'm not sure what that means

there's nowhere to hike or no beach and there's nothing to do in town

so it's really got nothing

but maybe once i start getting out of town, i'll feel better about it all

i'm not sure why any tourists would come here really

besides to see a small water side community that is really friendly

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  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

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  2. i wonder if anyone will know where this is...
    outside of those who actually know.

  3. Anonymous10:00 PM

    the americas for sure.


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