The New City on the Gulf - Latinos in New Orleans

The anniversary of Katrina has reminded everyone of the mess that was created in New Orleans, not only by the hurricane itself, but also by the response of the federal government to the emergency situation. In the aftermath, the population of New Orleans has been infused with a Latino migrant work force that has taken advantage of relaxed labor laws and helped to rebuild the city.
Here is a short video highlighting the efforts of these new residents of the city:

Also check out this article and website detailing the abuses faced by this new labor force:
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  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    They convince americans that the country is being taken car of and that american support will heal the country. They do it hear, they do it in Iraq and countless other places. What does it take for the average american who cares about there county to actually find out whats going on. A pipe dream I guess.


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