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I just came across a statement released a few days ago by Fidel Castro, and really it just drives home what an interesting man he really is. He talks of playing golf with Che in an effort to mock Eisenhower. He mentions Jimmy Carter as the only president with a conscience. He wonders about the authenticity of the U.S. electoral system, and notes how Florida plays an important and questionable role therein. You can check out the article here, but here are a few excerpts:
One day, Che [Guevara] and I went to play golf. He had been a caddie once to earn some money in his spare time; I, on the other hand, knew absolutely nothing about this expensive sport. The United States government had already decreed the suspension and the redistribution of Cuba’s sugar quota, after the Revolution had passed the Agrarian Reform Law. The golf game was a photo opportunity. The real purpose was to make fun of Eisenhower.

In the United States, you can have a minimum of votes and still become President. That is what happened to Bush. Having a majority of electoral votes and losing the Presidency is what happened to Gore. For that reason, the State of Florida is the prize everyone aspires to, because of the presidential votes it provides. In the case of Bush, an electoral fraud was also needed; for this, the first Cuban emigrants, who were the Batista supporters and the bourgeois, were best masters.

Today, talk is about the seemingly invincible ticket that might be created with Hillary for President and Obama for Vice President. Both of them feel the sacred duty of demanding “a democratic government in Cuba”. They are not making politics: they are playing a game of cards on a Sunday afternoon.
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  1. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Fidel seems to be lightening up in his old age... cheers!!


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