the Avocado Tree Project

Here's something a bit different to get involved with. The Avocado Tree Project is a combination of participatory art, activism, environmental awareness, and public food production. The goals of the project in the founder's (Victor Pacheco) own words:
My goal is to provide a green tree environment in an urban setting. The trees will be exhibited in a series of places; for example in a building lobby as a group or a section of someone’s office. Maybe the trees will be installed in a school or they may travel in a portable green house and be placed next to bus stops or in front of businesses. The exhibition spaces will be specifically chosen to accommodate several project needs:
• To create an environment that can positively enliven or positively influence the mood of a place (enliven the space and how people feel about it)
• To create a place for conversation and discussion between people that don’t usually talk to each other
• To connect the arts with people who don’t usually visit art museums or art galleries
• To involve people in the process of growing a tree from a seed and parting with it to create a positive environment.

No matter your location, you can participate in the project, grow an avocado tree, and be a part of the project. Check out the website to get involved, contact the artist, and even find support on how to sprout an avocado seed, and further be a part of this interesting experiment...
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