the War on Democracy - film trailer

The War on Democracy is a film by John Pilger that examines the U.S. role in the internal affairs of Venezuela and other countries around the world. It's an illuminating and disturbing piece. Here's the trailer:

You can also watch the entire film, hosted on googlevideo, here.
read an interview with Pilger here.
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  1. Anonymous5:40 PM

    looks like a really interesting film. as much as i believe things need to change, i'm also so tired of hearing about all the hostility, evilness, and deceitfulness. can't we all just get along? :)

  2. ha!
    i don't think it is within the human capacity to get along with each other. we as a species have been out there conquering and warring since time immemorial.
    but i agree - all of this does get tiresome, and after a while even gets depressing.
    what to do, what to do???


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