Searching for a Country of We

I know this is old news, but having been out of the country when it was in the theater, and having finally seen the film this weekend, I plead with readers to go and watch the Micheal Moore film Sicko. While the film is obviously about the various pitfalls of having or not having health insurance in the US, it also has some underlying stories. Primarily I see the message as being a critique of what it means to be a US citizen in this day and age of corporate influence and the drive to make as much money as each of us can as individuals. It makes it obvious that the US is in need of some serious soul searching and some major changes.
Here's an interview of Moore on the Bill Maher show in which they talk about the film and the experiences resulting from the whole endeavor of making it. They also get into how important diet is in maintaining a healthy body and healthy life. Watch...

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