Marcos and Global Decomposition

Although this video is not new, the more opportunities to view it, the better. So, at the risk of posting something some have already heard or seen, here is Subcomandante Marcos's (Delegado Cero) greeting to the Free Media Conference in New York.
I found this video (with the help of under-mind) when I was searching for something to show to one of my English classes, something that exemplified the idea of putting belief (writing) into action. Thoroughly disheartened by my students' apathy, I had also become disillusioned by their recognition and acceptance of the problems with popular media's world view. I never did get to show this video to them, and even if I did, I'm pretty sure they would have rejected it since it was coming from me, an authority figure.
In any case. Here are some highlights from Marcos's talk about the "global decomposition" taking place, the "attempt to eliminate that multitude of people who are not useful to the powerful":

"We have a choice: we can have a cynical attitude about the media to say that nothing can be done about the dollar power that creates itself in images, words, digital communications, and computer systems that invade our minds with 'world news' but with a perspective of the powerful, of how they think the world should look.
"We could say, well, 'that's the way it is' and do nothing.
"Or we can simply assume incredulity: we can say that the media giant is a total lie. We can ignore it and go about our lives.
"But there is a third option that is neither conformity nor skepticism: that is to construct a different way, to show the world what is really happening, to become interested in the truth of what happens to the people who inhabit this world."

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  1. Check out youtube - making this video unavailable... Is this some kind of censorship going on?!?!?!?!?!

  2. well... it became available again. i'm not really sure what happened there, so apologies to youtube if they aren't doing any censoring - but only if...

  3. I've also read that Marcos has used different writing genres to broadcast the movement. Apparently, he has written letters to newspapers in poem form and, with the help of another writer, didactic detective fiction.


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