Hillary on Bolivia and Latin America

With the increased attention being given to the upcoming U.S. presidential election later this year, we here at recycled minds will try to find the occasional snippet from some of the candidates that you may not have seen elsewhere, and that relate to some of the topics we discuss here on this site. I think it's generally accepted that the country needs to embrace a new way of approaching things, and I'm not sure where the inspiration for change will come from, but the democratic candidates seem to have a hold on the theme at this point. So with all of this in mind, I offer a video of Hillary Clinton answering a question during a recent stop in Dover, New Hampshire. She was asked about U.S. actions in Bolivia, and what approach she may take to the country. While deflecting the question a bit, she does clearly state that she feels the U.S. should offer support to Evo Morales (the president of Bolivia), and even other populist leaders in the region - mentioning Hugo Chavez in particular. She also criticizes past U.S. dealings with the Latin American region, especially those of the current administration. Interesting and even hopeful - check it out:
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