A Look Back

Reflections are, by definition, mediated by time. And so, as we reflect on 2007, it is only by viewing the whole that an impression of anticipation and potential seems to sit expectantly at the feet of the New Year.

Many events, people, ruminations, and frustrations have filled the pages of recycledminds over the past year. From the impact of global inequalities on health, food supply, and the environment, to uplifting and promising steps for the planet’s traditional and indigenous peoples, we have witnessed the recognition of Maya land rights, the indigenous-corporate battle in Peru, the impact of Wal-Mart on class in Mexico, and, most recently, the declaration of independence from the U.S. by the Lakotas. We have also tuned into what people are saying about this crazy world we live in, from the thought provoking messages of Terence McKenna, Sean Padraig Donahue, and Daniel Pinchbeck, to Subcomandante Marcos and Henry A. Giroux. Films such as The War on Democracy, The Story of Stuff, Czech Dream, and Sicko have laid bare the problems of governments and cultures run by corporations, and, in music, Mos Def’s “Tell the Truth” sang an anti-anthem of sorts for post-911 America. Our own, more internally focused musings have told stories of mourning and of uncertainty, but also of compassion, honesty, and fruitful exchanges.

What has been truly amazing is the sense of hope that pervades all these messages; the sense that change is not only necessary, but possible.

May optimism be fervent in the New Year!

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  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    two thousand eight should bring some interesting changes by (the us) and the war on everything.


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