Santa Sangre!

I just found what is perhaps my favorite movie out there, and certainly what has to be the best circus film of all time: Santa Sangre by Alejandro Jodorowsky. For full screen, you might have to go to the link below, and click on the "FS" button on the lower right. Enjoy...

Here's the link to the video at the original site where I came across it.
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  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    i think the link has been removed - or it's down right now at least.

  2. Anonymous6:02 PM

    actually - the whole site is down. not sure what happened there, but it seemed like a potentially good site - alternative-type youtube. oh well, maybe they'll come back.

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM

    it looks like it's back up...

    watch this film!!!


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