Six Years of War...

March 19 marks the 6-year anniversary of the war occurring in Iraq. It is unbelievable that the U.S. has been engaged in an illegal war for so long. Protests will abound, not only in the states, but around the world. Will this insanity ever end?
Here's a short video marking the anniversary and those that have shown that the spirit of resistance is still alive...

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  2. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Thanks for posting this video. As upsetting as it is to see that we have been going through this for so long, it is great to see that so many people continued to use their voice.

    But sadly, in 2009 it will all stop for the wrong reasons. It will not be the people's voice that bring us out of this, it will not be lack of funding, it will not be because we "retreated." And nobody will say anything.


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