The Cost of War - One Day

Curious about what the U.S. is spending in Iraq? Curious about what else those funds may enable? Check out this video put out by the American Friends Service Committee (the Quakers) that gives some examples of what can be done with the money spent on the war in Iraq in ONE DAY.

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  1. how timely...
    the AP just released an article stating that Iraq is facing huge budget surpluses because of oil revenues. Here's a link to the full article:

  2. Anonymous4:06 PM

    I really don't understand how oil revenues are up across the board, war is being waged so that access can be maintained, further enriching the upper classes, and meanwhile the common man is being gouged at the gas pumps with zero alternatives because we are all so entrenched in the false sense of security that we have been programmed to think we need...
    A lovely time to be living.


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