Antarctica In Pictures

After a bit of a hiatus from posting here on RM, I'd like to share something a bit different with you this time around. A friend who has been conducting research at Palmer Station in Antarctica for parts of the past two years has been taking photos and videos, setting them to music, and posting them on YouTube. He has a number of cool and interesting shots that include penguins, whales, glaciers, cruise ships, crazy European windsurfers, bones, mountains, sunsets, and more. Here's one of his videos set to a Radiohead song - and visit his channel, AlanTakesTrips, for more...

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  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    crazy! there are some really beautiful shots of antarctica in there. you need to check out his other ones!

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Fantastic! Great to have you back. We missed your posts.


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