Building a New World

At Radford University, in Radford, Virginia, on May 22-25, thousands of activists, academics, journalists, poets, musicians and policymakers will converge at the 2008 "Building a New World" Conference. Leaders from many of the major efforts for peace, justice, and green economy solutions to our future will be presenting intensive workshops to further our goals for a liveable world.

In 2008 many of us understand that our nation - and even the entire planet - are in a state of crisis. The deep longing for positive, lasting change is the bedrock upon which this conference is based. How do we fix our country and our world? And how can we form one mass movement to address the crisis?

Speakers include: Cindy Sheehan, (Code Pink Founder) Medea Benjamin, Gary Corseri, William Blum, Kathy Kelly, Mike Whitney, Michael Parenti, Alice Lovelace, David Swanson, Gareth Porter, Farid Bitar, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Robert Jensen, Kevin Zeese, Antonia Juhasz, Adam Kokesh and (Iraq Veterans Against the War), Father Roy Bourgeois and many more leaders and luminaries will join thousands of people from across the country and from other lands as well, for a conference to lay the foundations for building a new world now.

More information at the Conference Website.

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  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Where the heck is Radford, Virginia?

    and why there???

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM

    what would be the first thing you would do to build a new world?

  3. Anonymous8:59 PM

    um... i think redistribution. i think perhaps we need to reconsider the way that we have privatized the world. moving towards inclusion and equality could have far-reaching affects...


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