Obama's Dad on Socialism in Kenya in the 1960s

Senator Obama is a Socialist!!
Well.... not quite.
Making the rounds in the media a week or so ago was talk of an article written by Barak Obama's father in the 1960s. Some of the more conservative ilk pointed to the article as proof that not only was Obama's father a socialist, but by the Law of Contagion, the young Presidential hopeful must be as well. In reality the article by the elder Obama is more of a discussion of the political environment in Kenya in the 1960s. Further, rather than declare the senior's socialist leanings, the article is more of a critique on both the "African Socialism"of the time, and an article released by the Kenyan government titled "Kenya's Sessional Paper No. 10: On African Socialism."

You can read the original article by Barak Obama Sr., originally printed in the East Africa Journal, HERE.

And even though Obama the Younger is not a Socialist, it appears and sounds like he holds the interests of the people closer to his heart than most other politicians. Perhaps he would be a step towards a more respectful world, and more importantly at this point, a more respectful United States.
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