The Great Colombian Laptop Fraud

Back in March we posted an article about an incursion into Ecuador by the Colombian military to bomb/attack an alleged FARC rebel camp. Then we brought to light the presence of Mexican college students there conducting research who were killed in the raid - of course this did not get covered by the major news outlets in the U.S.. Instead, the discovery and siezure of three laptop computers that were alleged to belong to the FARC made headlines around the world. After 2 days in Colombian custody, the computers were claimed to have proof of contact between Venezuela's President Chavez and the Colombian FARC rebels. After being turned over to Interpol for an "official" investigation, it was not clear that the computers were corupted - or uncorupted - but no matter, the link between the head-of-state and a terrorist organization was established in the popular media, as well as the popular mind. One step closer to justifying an attack on the leftist regime of Venezuela.

Here's a video from the Real News Network that offers a slightly less biased analysis of the Great Laptop Fiasco:

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