Reworking the State of Independence

"When organized opposition emerges, such regimes often resort to a strategy of disinformation and intimidation to maintain their grip on power, whether the battleground is a nation or – closer to home – a national union.” (Steve Early, TruthOut)

Let's expand the usual connotation of independence today, and turn to the workers around the world who continue to fight for labor-related rights. The Guerrilla News Network's "Labor News Roundup," compiled by Nathan Coe, offers a rousing sampling of efforts undertaken across the globe.
  • Labor rights advocates have called for a Global Day of Action to protest the firing of pro-union Starbucks employees, a pattern that has developed since 2004, the start of IWW Starbucks Workers Union (SWU) in 2004. The Grand Rapids Starbucks Union will be joined by The Union of Commercial and Hotel workers CNT-AIT in Sevilla, Spain on July 5 to protest the coffee giant's practices.
  • June 21 saw a three-day strike by Philadelphia, PA-based Aramak employees who have been working without a contract since October.
  • Dismissed from his company for taking part in union action in 2006, Gholamreza Gholamhosseini, a member of ITF’s Iranian bus affiliate, was arrested June 25. The ITUC and the International Transport Workers' Federation are expressing "acute concern" over this arrest and detaining.
  • 5,000 striking workers at Haft–Tapeh sugar cane Company in the Khuzestan province of Iran have brought the whole company to a standstill since the strike began in May.
  • For the first time, the US Congress addresses transgender workers after the Library of Congress retracted David Schroer's job offer upon his transgender disclosure.
  • The Korean Metal Workers' Union, which represents 230 companies, agreed to a work stoppage after mass street rallies protesting the beef import deal between the US and Seoul and working conditions.
And there's more! Read the full article here for more labor-related news from France, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Poland, Vietnam, China, Spain, and Canada.

Image: Infoshop News
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