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In a complaint filed yesterday with the Federal Election Committee, labor organizations have voiced concerns over Wal-Mart's alleged anti-union meetings, in which employees were warned of the consequences of a Democratic win in the Presidential election. From the AP report:
Mary Beth Maxwell, executive director of American Rights at Work, criticized Wal-Mart for trying to influence the federal election system. "Wal-Mart seems to be willing to break federal election law in order to stop their employees and all of America's workers from having a fair shot at the American dream," she said.
This complaint follows the Wall Street Journal report that revealed Wal-Mart's anti-Democratic campaigning:
According to about a dozen Wal-Mart employees who attended such meetings in seven states, Wal-Mart executives claim that employees at unionized stores would have to pay hefty union dues while getting nothing in return, and may have to go on strike without compensation. Also, unionization could mean fewer jobs as labor costs rise. The actions by Wal-Mart -- the nation's largest private employer -- reflect a growing concern among big business that a reinvigorated labor movement could reverse years of declining union membership. That could lead to higher payroll and health costs for companies already being hurt by rising fuel and commodities costs and the tough economic climate.
In other, unrelated union news, protests were held last week in Norristown, PA, for people being detained for immigration violations. In July, workers for ABM Janitorial Services were lured to a mandatory employee meeting and then arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcements agents. ABM set up the raid with officials when it was discovered that some of their employees used falsified documents to gain employment. Close to 100 union members protested the tactics of ABM and immigration officials. Read the Philadelphia Inquirer article here.
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