Chiapas: Police attack Indigenous farmers, killing six

"...[O]n October 3, 2008, federal and state police in Chiapas, Mexico, carried out a violent operation that left six people dead, 17 injured, and 36 more detained, almost all of whom were inhabitants of the ejido (communally held land) of Miguel Hidalgo, located in the municipality of La Trinitaria, Chiapas.

"Leading up to the attack, on September 7th, members of the ejido attempted to reclaim a Mayan archeological site located near the city of Comitán, with the plan of taking over its administration. In response, the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia y Historía (INAH, National Institue of Anthropology and History), which had previously been administrating the site, filed a lawsuit against those involved in the reclamation. A series of negotiations followed, with the last one taking place on October 2. ..." Read More >>

Source: Intercontinental Cry

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  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Great find here - thanks for posting it! This news just isn't making it to the U.S. these days. With the election, the financial crisis, the baseball playoffs, football, and prime-time tv, the great people of the U.S. just don't have enough brain space to take note of what's happening in the marginal spaces of the world.


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