Jamaica Implements National School Garden Program

Kingston, Jamaica: 
The National School Garden Programme was officially launched today (October 10), under the theme: 'Youth Response to Food Security', during a ceremony at Jamaica College in Kingston.
Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture, J.C. Hutchinson, pointed out that $108 million has been allocated to the programme, and the Jamaica 4-H Clubs would take charge of it.

"Over a three year period, the main goal is to implement approximately 1,000 gardens in primary, secondary and tertiary level schools across the island. I am very pleased that the programme has been receiving overwhelming response and 340 schools have so far been registered, including schools with existing gardens that are being assisted with technical support and inputs," Mr. Hutchinson said.

The programme has five major objectives: to get young persons to recognise and accept the role they must play in food production; to encourage environmental awareness in sustainable agriculture; to select careers in agriculture; to treat agriculture as a viable business option; and to integrate service learning into the formal education process.

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  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    this is great to see. i hope more programs like this begin.

  2. I agree - it would be good to see projects like this happening in more places across the US - especially in the nation's cities. I do know that when these programs are implemented in developing nations, there are some unplanned consequences. I wonder where Jamaica fits in this picture?


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