Sell it with Flowers

"If you're driving down the 405 some day and think those roadside poppies seem to be growing in the shape of the Coca-Cola logo, don't panic. You may not be hallucinating -- it could just be a new form of advertising. ...A federal waiver of rules regarding commercial uses on freeways, 'would allow sponsors to use vegetation to include commercial logos as part of the displays,' Kempton wrote. 'It is our expectation that sponsors would recognize the value of the program, exercise diligence in designing and maintaining displays that directly represent their business, and be willing to increase their financial participation.'" Read More>>
Source: LA Times
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  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    The knee-jerk reaction of the typical anti-consumerist would probably be one of disgust---just another appropriation/manipulation/degradation in the name of consumer capitalism. But, this the answer to guerrilla gardening...

  2. i for one would rather see vegetative 'billboards' as opposed to the unsightly monstrous panels we see on the sides of most roadways these days.

    we need to hold the corporate world responsible for the quality of life of all humans - they do run the world after all.


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