Shamanism in the Popular Imagination

Breaking from recycled minds tradition for a moment here, I am posting a headlining article on Yahoo! news from this morning. Reason being: assuming that Yahoo! caters to popular news readers, what is behind the popular attraction of shamanism? Why did this article, which announces the discovery of the "earliest known shaman grave site," make headlines?

LONDON (Reuters) – An ancient grave unearthed in modern-day Israel containing 50 tortoise shells, a human foot and body parts from numerous animals is likely one of the earliest known shaman burial sites, researchers said on Monday. Read More >>
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  1. thanks for this one! there is an inkling as to why shaman's capture the imagination of the popular mind in western culture - it is their connection to, exploration of, and ultimate mastery of the unknown and the supernatural. These things continue to inspire the imagination of people who are so far removed from such possibilities.

    Another quote from the article: "Shamans play an important role in many cultures, mediating between the human and spiritual worlds and acting as messengers, healers, magicians to serve the community, the researchers said."

  2. Anonymous5:59 PM

    the hole in the mountain is where i live


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