Re-animating Food & Humanity

In the spirit of the season -- the Winter Solstice -- we thought it would be appropriate to post an article about a common tradition of this time of the year: eating food together.

From Resurgence comes "Food for the Soul" by Thomas Moore. In this article, Moore talks about food's capacity for meaning and fostering community:
Perhaps the greatest challenge in this time of rapid technological advance and the shrinking of the globe is to create a world community. But that important task can’t be done in the abstract. Food can play a role. Food as community, not as a commodity. Whatever power allows lunch to foster friendship, wedding cake a marriage, and bread and wine a religion could make a community of the world’s population. But we need first to restore soul to food.
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  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    This is exactly the conundrum that we find ourselves in here on this planet. The world is 'shrinking' at unprecedented rates due to the many facets of globalization, effectively erasing diversity and culture difference. Can we really have a 'world community' as called for in this piece? Should we move in that direction? What might be the consequences?


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